We have hosted some of the most authoritative, most interesting luminaries from many disciplines and from across the political spectrum. These incredible men and women include just this year:

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt – New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton – Economist Jeffrey Sachs – New Regency Film CEO and Academy Award-winning producer Arnon Milchan – Five-time Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky – Political expert Jim McLaughlin – Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson on news coverage of politics – Ambassador Ron Prosor of Israel – Economist Executive Editor and author John Micklethwait on change needed in government – MSNBC star host, Steve Kornacki – Pollster/campaign advisor Jefrey Pollack – Pollster/campaign strategist Anna Greenberg – former Presidential advisor & Fox News commentator Patrick Caddell – Wall Street Journal’ White House Correspondent Carol E. Lee – Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas –  – Author/expert Gary Sick on Iran and Iraq – Candidates Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter, Representatives Gary Peters &  Jim Himes, Senator John Walsh – Journalist/authors Todd Purdum on the Civil RIghts movement  – Rolling Stone author/journalist Matt Taibbi on the justice system and inequalityAuthor Scott Reich on the legacy of John F. Kennedy  – Journalist/Author Evan Osnos on China – Women’s pay equality leader Lily Ledbetter – President of J Street Jeremy Ben-Ami on attitudes toward Israel today among US Jews – Best-selling author and documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger and a screening of Korengal.

We could not have presented these speakers without  the help of our outstanding presenters and moderators who have included Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations Max Boot; CNBC’s Steve Liesman and John Harwood, Prize-winning host and journalist Soledad O’Brien, best-selling author Gail Sheehy, MSNBC’s  Ari Melber and Jason Capehart;  and publisher and businessman, Mortimer Zuckerman and TCG supporters:  Robert Pietrzak, Richard Farley, Randy Hustvedt, Charles Myers, Richard Cohen, Sally Minard and Patricia Duff.

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