The Common Good hosted Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, as he joined us for an inside scoop and a candid conversation on what is going on in Congress. The conversation dove into new legislation to help combat the Coronavirus, and insight into how the virus might impact the 2020 election in the Presidential, Senate and House races. 

Watch the video below: https://www.youtube.com/embed/schH8NoZRh0?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1

Senator Merkley started his political career in 1999 in the Oregon State House of Representatives where he became Speaker of the House before being elected to the US Senate in 2009. Prior to that he had lead Portland’s Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit that empowers low-income families through home ownership. He also went on to serve as president of the World Affairs Council. 

In the U.S. Senate, Jeff continues to stand up for working families. He fights to create living wage jobs and to push back on unfair trade policies that ship Oregon’s jobs overseas. He has worked to make college more affordable and make retirement more secure for seniors. A true
reformer, he led an historic coalition to fix the broken Senate by breaking up the gridlock, making it more responsive to the concerns of working families.Jeff serves on the Senate Committees on Appropriations; Environment and Public Works; Budget; and Foreign Relations.

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