2020 Presidential Candidates Series: Congressman Seth Moulton

The Common Good was proud to present a special discussion with presidential candidate Congressman Seth Moulton as part of the Presidential Candidate Series. Congressman Moulton spoke on his experience as a veteran of the Iraq War and Congressman who defeated an 18-year Democratic incumbent. He also addressed vision and policy prescriptions for the country, which include: better care for veterans; passing a pro-democracy reform bill to expand voting access for all Americans; tackling climate change; growing the US economy by promoting green jobs, advanced manufacturing, and fixing our broken infrastructure; ensuring military-style weapons are not in civilian hands; and implementing a public option to improve healthcare access.

Congressman Seth Moulton is an Iraq War Veteran and Congressman who serves the 6th District of Massachusetts. He joined the Marines in 2001 days after graduating from college and months before the attacks on 9/11. As the leader of an infantry platoon, he was among the first Americans to reach Baghdad in 2003. Moulton ran for Congress in 2014 on a platform of bringing a new generation of leadership to Washington, becoming the only Democrat to unseat an incumbent in a primary in 2014. Moulton has worked to uphold his commitment to bipartisanship. Seth also works to get more veterans in politics with his organization Serve America, where Seth and his team have mentored candidates, raised millions of dollars for them, and campaigned alongside them, flipping 16 state and local offices in 2018.

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