Sir Harold Evans

“If there is one living editor who has carried the fight against the forces of darkness with most vigour, persistence and brilliance, that man is unquestionably Sir Harold Evans.” – Robert Chalmers, journalist.

“Legendary” is perhaps too often thrown around as a descriptive, but in the case of Sir Harold Evans, the man voted Editor of the Century, it has been honestly earned with courage, newsprint and ink. As editor of outstanding newspapers including The Sunday Times, Sir Harold and his investigative teams took on corporations, governments, and the law itself with campaigns for justice and truth. He published exposés that rocked the U.K. and the world, achieved justice for children disfigured by the drug Thalidomide, helped end the death penalty in Great Britain as he fought to defend an innocent man wrongly executed, campaigned for cervical cancer detection tests that led to a national screening program, struck victory for press freedom by publishing diaries the government tried to suppress, and outed a Soviet double-agent. Sir Harold’s work is synonymous with outstanding investigative journalism. We are honored to acknowledge his achievements with our American Spirit Award for Courage in Journalism.

Join Sir Harold Evans and many other top leaders and sharp minds from around the globe at New York’s premier ideas and issues gathering, The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards, Friday, May 10th.

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