Lesley Stahl

“Lesley Stahl has repeatedly shaped the national—and international—debate through [her] groundbreaking work.” – Joyce Barnathan, ICFJ President 

Lesley Stahl is one of television’s finest broadcast journalists whose distinguished 50+ year career has ranged from 60 Minutes Correspondent, anchor of America Tonight, moderator of Face the Nation, to countless other achievements. Refusing to allow a system built against women to bar her from success, Lesley Stahl took her place in the field of journalism and flourished. Her pioneering work has consistently set the highest bar for journalism and integrity with political scoops and award-winning foreign reporting, from her breakout reporting of the Watergate scandal, her reports on the human cost of sanctions on Iraq, shocking findings on ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ used on detainees post-9/11, raising awareness about the pernicious impacts of climate change, or asking the tough questions of leaders on critical issues. Through her time as a reporter, she has produced quality work over and over again, delivering not just information, but the truth. We are honored to acknowledge her achievements with our American Spirit Award for Courage in Journalism.

Join Lesley Stahl and many other top leaders and sharp minds from around the globe at New York’s premier ideas and issues gathering, The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards, Friday, May 10th.

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