Congressman Mike Rogers

Congressman Mike Rogers
Former Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Addressing evolving cyber threats from internal and external threats such as Russia, China and North Korea is essential to ensuring America’s national security. The power of cyber warfare was demonstrated during the disinformation campaigns of the 2016 presidential election. Experts agree that these threats will only grow. Our government agencies, private corporations, and individual citizens are all at risk or, in some cases, potentially responsible for domestic and foreign threats. What are the security risks? What responsibility do our social media companies have in this? What can we do about privacy, false information and other new threats to come?

Mike Rogers, former congressman and Chair of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, built his political career as a determined and powerful leader on counterterrorism and national security policy. He continues to work with organizations to realign government interests with innovative technology, focusing on the security and intelligence arenas.

Join Congressman Mike Rogers and many other top leaders and minds from around the globe at New York’s premier ideas and issues gathering, The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards, Monday, May 21st.

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