Rob Riemen

Special conversation with
Rob Riemen

To Fight Against This Age: 
On Fascism and Humanism

About Rob Riemen

Rob Riemen, a European public intellectual and cultural critic, is the founder, president and CEO of the Nexus Institute, a leading international center for philosophical debate and intellectual discourse. Founded in 1994 by Riemen in the Netherlands, the Nexus Institute is widely acknowledged for the quality of its insight into contemporary issues. Riemen has lectured widely around the world and is also an international best-selling author, with numerous critically acclaimed publications.

About the topic: To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism

Riemen will discuss the growing alarm over the erosion of democratic ideals and the romanticization of authoritarianism in Western societies. He warns that if we ignore this new global resurgence of this century’s fascism, we do so at at our own peril.

Reimen regards this threat as the spiritual crisis of our time, The topic is as timely as it is timeless, and critically important for those who want to understand the world in which they live, confront and ultimately defeat the political threats to western humanism with its universal values of truth, justice, respect for our fellow man — values that are the origin and basis of a democratic civilization.

The publication has been met with praise from both pundits and literary critics:

“We are sleepwalking into catastrophe; Riemen wants to wake us up and he does with passion, wisdom, and eloquence.”
– Simon Schama

“An extremely relevant, urgent call to revive true democracy and acknowledge the perils of fascist ideology.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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