Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Born and raised in upstate New York, Senator Gillibrand’s home is in Brunswick, New York, with her husband, Jonathan Gillibrand, and their two young sons, twelve-year-old Theodore and seven-year-old Henry.

Throughout her time in Congress, Senator Gillibrand has been committed to open and honest government. She became the first Member of Congress to post her official public schedule, personal financial disclosure, and federal earmark requests online. Senator Gillibrand’s number one priority in the U.S. Senate is to rebuild the American economy, by creating good-paying jobs, helping small businesses get loans, and partnering with the private sector to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. She wrote new legislation to strengthen and retool New York’s manufacturers, stamp more products with the words “Made in America,” and create new manufacturing jobs in New York.

Throughout her time in the Senate, Senator Gillibrand has led on a range of issues, from the fight to repeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” that banned gays from serving openly in the military, to passage of the STOCK Act, to finally make it illegal for members of Congress to financially benefit from inside information, to the long fight to provide permanent health care and compensation to the 9/11 first responders and community survivors who are sick with diseases caused by the toxins at Ground Zero. Senator Gillibrand worked to bring Democrats and Republicans together to win these legislative victories.



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