The First Ladies of Hollywood


“She is at first glance, the picture of a Hollywood Wife…groomed carefully to a casual elegance…Had we found the last of a dying breed? Was this a Hollywood wife? ‘I’m leaving for Atlanta…There’s a lot to do.’ She is the associate producer of next week’s Democratic National Convention, working with the Smith-Hemion production group. She is beyond busy…This First Lady of Hollywood will be one of the most powerful women in Tinseltown if Dukakis is elected. She is major in the Hollywood Women’s Political Caucus and SHOW (Coalition), political groups which have showcased the presidential hopefuls here in Southern California. She is not in Atlanta to ensure that everyone has a good time…’I won’t have time to go to any of the parties.’…’Politics has been passion of mine all my life. I got it from my mother. She was a serious Kennedy Democrat.’…Medavoy, a native Californian, went to high school in Brussels at the International School. Her father, an executive with an American company, moved the family to Europe and Medavoy grew up in Bonn, Brussels and Switzerland… She has a remarkable successful home life. And she does it all with almost no assistance ‚ no private secretary…What doe she think of the full-time social animals in Hollywood? “Well, they may exist, those Hollywood wives.’ She laughs. ‘I never met one. I think now that sort of woman, an appendage of her husband, is an anachronism.’ ‘I honestly believe in the democratic process…You know, we really can make things happen as individuals’…”

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