“… Politics in Hollywood these days is two great-looking women and one rumpled guy huddled in the corner of Hamburger Hamlet on Century Park East plotting who deserves to become the next president of the United States…”

“… Patricia Duff Medavoy… Betsy Kenny…and Danny Goldberg…They are the driving force behind the Show Coalition, one of the star-studded liberal groups that are putting new-age politics on the national stag. Only a year old, the Show Coalition now includes Richard Dreyfuss. Robert Foxworth of Falcon Crest, Donna Mills of Knots Landing, Ed Begley, Jr. of St. Elsewhere, and directors such as Sydney Pollack and Phil Alden Robinson … ”

“‘ There are a lot of people whose first political involvement was the ‘84 Hart campaign,’ says Betsy Kenny, Princeton ‘83, an always collected brunette…’For the people in California,’ she adds, ‘the Hart experience was very happy. He won the state. So this was a group that was very eager to be with Hart in ‘88. Once they had gotten a taste of activism, it was something they continued to do, and I think that Show Coalition came out of that.’ …”

” But these leaders of Show Coalition are determined to build something more…They are serious about using their Hollywood power base, which translates into media skills as well as money and celebrity contacts. …At the moment, HWPC and Show Coalition are at the center of this new movement that aims to secure a leading role in the national liberal scene ˆ defining and pushing such issues as peace, the environment, and women’s rights rather than just rolling over for visiting west coast heavies…”

” Betsy … ‘I’m here because there’s an openness to ideas and people and an intellectual ferment that’s accessible to newcomers.’”

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