The American Spirit Awards: Donate to the TCG auction!

The American Spirit Awards online auction

Willing to lend your yacht for a good cause? Have a Picasso just gathering dust? You may be able to help!

The Common Good American Spirit Awards are on November 13, and we’ll be honoring remarkable people who have worked to make our great nation even better.

But the evening is more than just a celebration of outstanding individuals who share our commitment to active citizen participation and an open exchange of ideas; it is also a fundraiser for The Common Good to allow us to continue our great events and speakers and to broaden our initiatives.

As part of the Awards, we’re holding a fundraising auction that will be held online and feature lots of fun and interesting experiences and items. We’ve already gotten some ideas and commitments from some of our supporters, now is the time for us to get your commitments to donate an item or getting one of your colleagues, friends or business associates to donate something.

Later we’ll give you all the information on how to bid in the auction (and win!), but first we need to collect the items and services to be auctioned off.

We’re looking for anything and everything that you want to contribute, but our friends have suggested the goods, services and experiences that do very well in online auctions.

Here are some examples:

    • VIP tickets to sporting events, concerts, movie & theater premieres
    • Recording studio sessions or music lessons from an artist
    • Fashion show tickets or a personal fitting with a designer
    • Luxury items: designer handbags, scarves or jewelry
    • Works of art: Photography, paintings or sculpture
    • Private museum tours
    • Meals at your favorite restaurant
    • Meals, meetings or with a celebrity, sports star or business mogul
    • Internships at a company, design studio, sport team or art gallery
    • Donate your second home, yacht or arrange a hotel for travel packages
    • A round of golf at your favorite course
    • Gift certificates or private shopping experiences for your favorite stores
    • Donated services by a photographer or artist
    • Arrange TV, movie or Broadway set visits & walk-on roles

We may put a few of the items together to come up with a more exciting, unique experience that will help raise extra money .

If you can think up an idea, we’ll be happy to talk it over and get it set for the big event in November.

Contact The Common Good office at 212-599-7040 with any questions, suggestions or pledges.

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