Ambassador Peter Galbraith – Afghanistan: Ten Years Later – November 29th

Peter Galbraith

Peter Galbraith joins us to discuss the Afghanistan conflict as we edge closer to leaving the country. After ten years, Americans are wearying of the war and its ongoing casualties. But with the complications of extricating ourselves from this challenging arena, the complicated relationship with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and an aggressive Taliban looking for restoration to power, is there an American victory here? Peter Galbraith served in the war-torn Balkans as the first U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, and in 2009 Galbraith was appointed as United Nations’ Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan where he contributed to exposing the massive fraud that took place in the 2009 Afghanistan Presidential Elections. Please join us for a unique perspective on this critical area of US foreign relations. Luncheon, 12:15-2pm.

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