Elections 2012 Forecast – Mehlman, Shrum, Wolffe – November 17th

2012 elections

We are thrilled to present a special “Elections Panel 2012” with three of the best experts on election strategy. On November 17th from 6:30-8pm The Common Good will present a powerful bipartisan trio – Ken Mehlman, the brilliant former Chair of the Republican National Committee, Robert Shrum, the amazingly clever Democratic political strategist and messaging expert, and Richard Wolffe, author and journalist, known as a keen observer of the American political scene. This will be a frank, bold discussion and prognostication of the American political landscape as the economic situation becomes more precipitous and the stakes grow higher. Please join us for a memorable evening. To RSVP, please e-​​mail rsvp@​thecommongood.​net, go to our site www​.thecom​mon​good​.net or phone us at 212−599−7040. If you are not a mem­ber of The Com­mon Good and would like infor­ma­tion on join­ing, please e-​​mail info@​thecommongood.​net.

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