The Com­mon Good in part­ner­ship with InStyle Mag­a­zine andNational Geo­graphic Enter­tain­ment invite you to a spe­cial screen­ing of

6:30 p.m. Red Car­pet Arrivals
7:00 p.m. Screening

Recep­tion to follow

The Paley Cen­ter for Media
25 W. 52nd Street, New York, NY 10017

Desert Flower was adapted from the inter­na­tional best­seller of the same name which has sold more than 10 mil­lion copies world­wide. It traces the improb­a­ble jour­ney of a young Somali woman who treks across the African Desert to find fame and for­tune in the west, and in doing so, dis­cov­ers the strength and voice to bring atten­tion to the dis­may­ing prac­tice of female gen­i­tal muti­la­tion and it’s assault on a woman’s free­dom and dignity.

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